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We have been traveling for a while now,

you and I. 

I’ve grown to admire your wisdom and perpetual desire for wandering. 

I doubted you when you held me, silent and still, with your skin wrapped around my soul. 

I have poured love, hate and indifference down your throat and over your lines. 

You stayed silent and still when I screamed at you, when I asked you to not take up so much space. 

When you started to grow a forest on my skin I brought blades into your home and growled the low growl of a woman whose power was growing in her womb.

I was just afraid of what I might be when you changed and morphed into a form I had grown to understand as difficult. 

When the blood would come from my centre I would become unbearable, wild, my thoughts no longer attached to reality. 

As I watched the woman dance around me in an ever changing succession of roles I noticed how this changeability was creation, the creatrix has to morph and change and shed so she can grow into what is next. 

We have been many people you and I.

~ R

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