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In 2019 RUNAH released her first album STRANGE in an act of defiance that has paid off. With over a million streams, STRANGE saw RUNAH gain support from national and international radio, RTÉ and BBC to name a few, a number of high profile Spotify editorial playlists including New Music Friday UK alongside Billie Eilish and Sam Smith, Deep Dark Indie (with its 1 million followers) and was the face of Hands in the Eire, Ireland’s premier dance music playlist, and saw RUNAH perform at the prestigious Groucho Club in London, Ireland Music Week and Sofar Sounds.  


In 2020 RUNAH channelled the strange and changing landscape for creatives to drive on and complete her second album. She released the single Same Face, ‘a hypnotic feminist fairytale; The story of new single 'Same Face' is both fantastical and routed in a real life commentary on the commodification of life and of time.’ (HotPress). Then in early 2021 she released ‘Edit’ the first single off her Sophomore album, gaining placement on The Loft and Friday Crate-diggers editorial playlists. Edit & Same Face saw an evolution in RUNAH’s style that was welcomed warmly by fans and critics alike. Both songs are an offering that reflects a stepping stone in the direction RUNAH’s second album will take.  

Ghost Light and Let’s do it all again, further reveal the nature of vision as an artist.


The album was produced with Beardfire Music, the studio behind Patricia Lalor (now with Warner Music Group), KTG and All The Queen’s Horses (Echoism, Motor Music), run by veteran producer and songwriter David Virgin (SPK, Sekret Sekret, toured with Cat Power, Nick Cave, INXS), and his sons Rohan Healy and Al Quiff. 

RUNAH is signed to US based label Bonfire Records.

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Dublin, Ireland



Indie-Folk, Art-Folk, Alt-Pop


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Bonfire Records, USA



Bonfire Records

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